Dear Users

We are happy to let you know that we have updated Thesis Writer. In particular, in the “My projects” space, you can now choose between creating a proposal and creating a thesis.

Further new features include: The linguistic support has been significantly expanded, comments can be added, a lean reference management tool has been integrated, and notes can be made to manage knowledge. Please don't miss the extended phrasebook, which you can access with a right mouse click in the text field in the middle of the desktop.

The ThesisWriter team wishes you success and looks forward to your feedback!

Writing your thesis: The process at a glance

Thesis Writer (TW) is a writing platform created to assist you with your thesis. It may also be used for doctoral dissertations and research papers. TW supports you in planning, organizing, conceptualizing and structuring your paper. There are tutorials, phrase books, structuring tools, sample texts and feedback tools ready for use. Everything can be used in English and German.
Orientation, planning, and focusing
How Thesis Writer supports you

Use the tutorials to tune in and find the right topic for your thesis. TW helps you create a thesis concept as a basis for the further writing plan.


Looking ahead and planning the thesis in detail
How Thesis Writer supports you

Expand and refine your thesis concept using the tools of the proposal editor. Search the literature and read.

Creating the body of your thesis
How Thesis Writer supports you

Transfer your proposal into the thesis editor and start with the collection and evaluation of your data, materials, etc. Use the tools to organize your work and integrate your results into a coherent paper.

Revising, finalizing and submitting
How Thesis Writer supports you

Structure, revise, complete, and edit your text. Check your terms, tables, references, etc. and format the paper.


About this project

Thesis Writer is a joint project of the School of Management and Law (Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning) and the School of Applied Linguistics (Institute of Language Competence), both from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland.

Christian Rapp
Project director
 Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
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Otto Kruse
Academic director
 Institute of Language Competence
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