Thesis writing: The whole process     

Thesis Writer is a learning platform that assists you in writing your thesis. Use our online editor and the structured templates to create your text. Study the tutorials prepared for every step instructing you how to proceed with your project. The writing process is partitioned in four sections. See below what each one is about. 

Orientation, planning, and focusing

Electronic support
Read tutorials; decide on your topic and create a first idea of its content and scope.

Writing your proposal

Electronic support
Learn about thesis structure; write your proposal in the proposal wizard and elaborate it in the proposal editor. Use phrase book and linguistic support  for help. Submit your proposal!

Creating the body of your thesis

Electronic support
Transfer your proposal into Thesis Writer. Gather and evaluate data; look for the best structure.

Revising, editing, submitting

Electronic support
Revise and format your text with our linguistic support tool; then export it to word.

About this project

Thesis Writer is a joint project of the School of Management and Law and the School of Applied Linguistics.

Christian Rapp
Project manager
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

Otto Kruse
Scientific lead
Language Competence Centre